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Price Beluga Caviar CFR Tokyo Haneda Original Packing TT Payment

Price Beluga Caviar CFR Tokyo Haneda Original Packing TT Payment

Price Beluga Caviar CFR Tokyo Haneda Original Packing TT Payment. we are Raibod Caviar, hereby state and represent that it is our intention to sell, and we hereby confirm that we are ready, willing and able to sell the following commodity as per the specification and in the quantity and for the price as specified in the terms and conditions as stated under. this representation is made with full corporate authority and responsibility.

Price Beluga Caviar CFR Tokyo Haneda Original Packing TT Payment

Commodity Caviar huso  huso (beluga)
Origin Iran
State Guilan
Specifications Imperial = 32 and above 32 mm Caviar size.

Grade A = 29 , 30 and 31 mm Caviar size.

Primary packaging TIN
Expiry date 12 Month
Temperature of conservation ±2
Total quantity call
Unit price (KG) 920 Euro
Total contract price call
Destination port Tokyo Haneda
Shipment CFR


A: Commodity deal:

  1. Type of the product:

Iranian farm beluga caviar (huso huso) from the Caspian sea cultured to produce and nurture it has been used.

raibod caviar

  1. Caviar processing:

  • The company is processed caviar compliance with HACCP standards in place hygienic Europe union and the European Code (EC).
  • Traditional method in original tins with plastic or metal (tinplate with food grade, zinc tinplate, zinc iron, metal, tin traditional, prestige tin (vacuum), plastic). caviar can be packaged in cans weight of 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1800 Grammy packed.Price Beluga Caviar CFR Singapore Changi Original Packing TT Payment
  • The conditions for maintenance and caviar consumption is 12 to 18 months. certainly the optimum temperature for storing caviar (+2) to (-2) is intended.
  • Processing combination: beluga caviar of salt in the formulation of international and special processing used beluga.
  • Repackaging by taking requirements of HACCP in hygienic place and according to the customer in a glass container of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100 and 125 grams, takes place. this process is completed using a glass jar, prestige tin (vacuum) are discharged.

raibod caviar

B: Payment Instrument:

  • Contract Value: …. Euro
  • The buyer will pay 50% of the its purchase request, and then the seller will process the administrative procedures and receive export licenses (country of source).
  • On behalf of the seller, he will be notified to the buyer who should come to receive import licenses in the destination country.
  • after receiving the license, the buyer must deposit the remaining 50% of the transaction to the seller’s account. To send the product to the customer from the customs office of source to the destination customs office as CFR.
  • A full description of the process of the contract is will provide.


C: Export sales:

The case by case Export:

  1. The first phase of the contract with the customer to determine the rate of guarantee for the contract period.
  2. Then pay the amount guaranteed by customer bank account the company.
  3. After depositing and pony Performa, product health certificate, within 20 working days of receipt and shipment action. Cites principle licenses and health certificates will be sent with the shipment.
  4. The Performa issued and sent to the customer. Suggested price is CFR.
  5. The recipient’s address in the country of destination and delivery specifications for Preparation export licenses documentation to be received from the customer.
  6. After receiving 50% Performa, within three working days cites license (cites export) of the Secretariat cites Iran and its image is sent to the client to get import license at the destination.
  7. Company for up to 2 weeks will be waiting for customer readiness. If the client fails for any reason within this timeframe to readiness, this company 1/3 (one part of third) of the amount received compensation for confiscated and the rest of amount will be returned to the customer’s bank account. Note: scilicet, Customer readiness to take license cites import and the payment total amount Performa.
  8. Receive customer requests for each period.
  9. At the end of a 10-month contract margin will be refunded to the customer’s account. Certainly, in case of cancellation customer from continuing contract, per month refusing, 8.5% of the total amount confiscated to compensate the company for the benefit of the rest of the customer’s account will be refunded.

D: Packing and transportation

     The export cargo handling:

  • If, order is 30 or 50 grams in glass, glass with caviar, vacuum and capping and label is attached. information such as the type of caviar and composition as well as the reference production, cites tracking code, expiration date on the label that is installed under glass, is inserted.
  • Glass wrapped in paper wrappers and again below and the top of the label and features installed. then the glass by cotton and lead, are plumbed and in wooden boxes with ice packs be placed.
  • If the order in the original cans after pasting labels and inserts the profile under it, inside with a cotton bag and the bags are plumbed with wire and lead. The bags with ice packs placed inside wooden boxes.
  • Again, put wooden boxes with Styrofoam and its surroundings ice pack.
  • On Styrofoam information such as packing lists, install source address, and destination information health certificate, flash arrow, flight information, and label stored at refrigerator temperature.
  • Styrofoam of source, (refrigeration company) to Imam Khomeini international airport, the vehicle is equipped with a refrigerator shipment.

E: Product Specification:

Bacteriological Specification
Parameters Criteria Method used
Total aerobic microorganisms cfu/g <500000 ISO 4833
Escherichia coli     cfu/g <100 AFNOR BRD-07/1-07/93
Reducing sulfite anaerobes cfu/g <10 ISO 15213
Staphylococci coagulase cfu/g <1000 ISO 6888-2
Salmonella spp   cfu/25g absence AFNOR BRD07/06-07/04
Listeria monocytogenes   cfu/25g absence AFNOR BRD-07/4-09/98


GMO / ALLERGENS / Ionization
      • This product is exempt from genetically modified organisms (european regulations N°1829/2003/CE and N°1830/2003/CE
      • This product has endured no ionizing treatment during its construction (guidance 1999/2/CE from 22.02.1999).
      • List of the allergens (annex III Bis directive 2003/89/CE from 10.11.2003)
Allergens Presence Allergens Presence
Cereals containing gluten Crustacean and crustacean-based products
Celery and products thereof Fish and fish-based products
Soya soya-based products Groundnuts and products thereof
Nuts Mustard and mustard-based products
Eggs and egg products * Sesame seeds and products thereof
Milk and milk-based products Sulfur dioxide and sulphites concentrated over 10 mg/kg
Lupin and lupin-based products Molluscs and products thereof


Final Product



Expiry date Fresh Pasteurized


3 month

Conservation temperature



Light or dark gray



Custom code (intrastate) 16043090


      • According to the type of transport ( air, road, boat … ) finished products are packed either in cardboard a bend or in isotherm boxed.
      • According to the importance of the quantities, these boxes will be put on euro-pallets 120 * 80 cm. a plastic film protects the pallets. small parcel are protected by a plastic film and surrounded with a strapping.



Energy Values for 100 gr


359.84 kcal


Price list for caviar

Product No

Description Original packaging Repack

Price € for W: 1000 g.

Price € for W: 1000 g.

Cabe1 Beluga imperial

Original packaging





Beluga grade 1

Original packaging





Beluga grade 2

Original packaging






Original packaging






Original packaging




Caba1 Baerii

Original packaging





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