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Caviar is one of the oldest feeds

Caviar is one of the oldest feeds
Caviar is one of the oldest feeds. Caviar is a high-energy food that taste and smell is very pleasant. Generally protein found in Caviar consists amino acids, histamine, isoleucine, lysine and methionine. The fat in caviar is also divided into two major categories that include “cholesterol by 25%” and ” lecithin by 75%”. Caviar consumption preventing depression and cardiovascular disease, because that in caviar concentration of omega-3 fatty acids is very high. But Caviar is considered the most valuable and most expensive global foods that is grown in Iran. Caviar has different types ranging from Beluga caviar, black caviar and so on.

Caviar is one of the oldest feed
Caviar is one of the oldest feed

The first time you saw a caviar, remember? You’ve heard so much about this, this mysterious luxury: a small black pearl is so great flavor. Then you tasted it and there it was: salty fish, a little black currant in a low fat pancake with some sour cream. Thinking with yourself, what’s this? Certainly, few people have tasted caviar. You can take the second, third and fourth.
Caviar is one of the oldest feeds
The caviar was known in ancient times and was welcomed by aristocrats and kings. In ancient Greece and in Rome, among the courtiers was flourished.
As much as you think, caviar is not expensive
Well, it’s definitely not cheap, but caviar prices have fallen in recent years, as advances in aquaculture, especially sturgeon, have led to price reductions. One of the factors driving down prices is the growing number of breeders.
Salmon egg in sushi is not caviar!
Caviar is originally developed by Russian and Iranian breeders in the Caspian Sea. This term refers to the non-wetted eggs of various species of caviar, including Ossetra, Sevruga, and Beluga. Only 26 species of sturgeon for caviar is used.
Caviar is known for its color, flavor, texture and maturity
The best and most expensive caviar are bigger, with larger and lighter eggs. The lower quality caviar is younger, with less monthly flavor and darker color. This is also good for beginner’s caviar, which is more likely to start with cheaper and more gentle things.
The caviar takes more than a day
Because technically caviar disappears, if not kept properly, even after opening it has a good life. Save it in the coldest part of your refrigerator, as far as possible close to the refrigerator and freezer, and should remain for at least about a month.
Caviar is like wine
Sturgeon maids and VIPs are looking for wild caviar and the most expensive caviar. In the Middle Ages, many countries had laws that preserved the best caviar for reign. Caviar is reserved for these people.
The caviar is like Prozac
Medically, caviar is prescribed to reduce depression. This does not mean that it is monthly: Recent studies indicate that high doses of omega-3 fatty acids – omega-3 caviar – may reduce symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder.
Caviar is like Viagra
It is also prescribed for impotence.
Caviar can be permanent
According to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, a number of 26 sturgeon species are currently in danger, but they are all heavily cared for and multiplied.
Beluga is still in the menu
Beluga caviar has been illegal in some countries since 2005 due to its status as a high-risk species.
The most expensive caviar record in the world is a 100-year-old fish.
Alma caviar, from 60 to 100 years old eggs in Iran, uses about $ 35,000 per kilogram ($ 1,000) per ounce. Can you imagine taking an older fish than your grandmother for eggs?
Blini is not everything and everything
Normal crystal powder pancakes are suitable for crackers and caviar. But the Russians initially preferred cooked potatoes. Today caviar has appeared in everything from pizza to burgers.

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