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The products of this business suite are summarized in several sections.

Persian caviar site products

  • Types of caviar
  • Sturgeon
  • Other sturgeon products (caviar and fish skin)

Iranian caviar types

The caviar is one of the most important products of this collection, which is offered on the domestic and export markets at reasonable prices.
The supplied caviar is offered in various samples and grades.

Iranian caviar types:

  • Beluga caviar
  • Osetra caviar
  • Seuruga caviar
  • Baerii caviar

انواع خاویار ایرانی

The most popular and valuable Iranian caviar is Beluga caviar. Beluga caviar is considered to be the Iranian caviar export crop, which includes the main part of our caviar production.

Grades (Grading) of Beluga Caviar:

  • Beluga Imperial Caviar (Royal)
  • Beluga caviar of the first grade (digit 1)
  • Beluga caviar grade two (digit 2)

درجه بندی خاویار بلوگا

Sturgeon meat

Following the sex determination, sturgeon species, usually carried out through an ultrasound device at the age of 2.5-5.5, are used to raise males for use in meat, and transfer females to caviar for specific production.

گوشت ماهیان خاویاری

Available for export meat

Sturgeon meat is available in different weights, depending on the sturgeon type, from 2kg to 30kg. Delivered meat is live and processed as well as in packaging.
گوشت ماهیان خاویاری